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Five Tips for Perfect Wedding Photography : The Details

Detail shots are some of my favorite pictures from any wedding day. These shots take place before you even put on your dress. They also happen to be how I get my creative juices flowing when I arrive on scene to photograph a wedding. It's like a warm up exercise that gets me super excited for the rest of the day! There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you have beautiful, magazine worthy photos during the getting ready phase of your big day.

1. Your Dress Picture. You know the one, your amazing dress hanging off of a tree branch with the sunlight dancing through the Spanish moss... or hanging on a beautiful doorway of an old barn. Now picture this perfect image with a big ol' plastic hanger. It kind of takes away from the beauty. Store your dress with a nice wooden hanger, it doesn't have to be fancy!


2. The Details. This includes your rings, shoes, bouquet, jewelry, etc. I like to gather and photograph these items when I first arrive (get that creativity flowing). Sometimes I even arrive early for these shots because I love them so much! Make sure you have everything together and ready to give to your photographer. Make a checklist so you know what you will want pictures of and share that list with your photographer. Would you like to know the most forgotten item? Wedding invitations! They make beautiful images and are often forgotten about. Set one aside, envelope and all, for your photographer. You'll be glad you did. Don't forget your perfume bottle either!


3. Prep the Groom. You want him to have amazing pictures as well, right? He should have his belt, shoes, socks, cologne bottle, cuff links, watch and anything else that is important to him, ready for the photographer. These details are usually taken by the 2nd photographer, especially if your groom is getting ready in a different location than you are.


4. Tidy Up. There will be quite a few photos taken in the bridal suite. You do not want a bunch of garbage, luggage, Red Bull cans, or empty wine bottles in the background of your photos, do you?!?! Less is more, keep the room organized with as much stuff tucked away or off to one side. Appoint your bridesmaid who is the most like Monica from F*R*I*E*N*D*S to keep an eye on the room and make sure it's picture ready at all times!


5. Communicate Your Vision. If you have a particular shot you want, I want to take it! So you want all of your bridesmaids peeking out from under the covers with your hair in curlers? OMG! I want to take that picture! That's an amazing idea!! Want a picture of you and your new husband pulling on your father's pockets because your mom has the same photo with her dad? How adorable is that?!? Let'd do it! Just make sure you communicate with me. I certainly have my own list of things I know you will love but if you have something you know you want, just tell me!

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