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LIQUID Float Spa Review

Float tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, offer positive benefits for the user including stress relief, pain management, improved athletic performance, increased mental clarity and more. This is a review on LIQUID Float Spa, located at 2525 W Anderson Ln #145, Austin, TX 78757.

A generous gift from my sister allowed me to experience a float this past Sunday. In a nutshell, wow! What an experience! The associate that greeted me was casually dressed, and informative. She led me to my private room that contained a float chamber, a shower, and your standard shower amenities. We went over the process in detail and she made sure I was comfortable before she left the room.

Once she left the room. I showered using water only. This step is to get you ready for the pod. Then I turned off the light in the room, grabbed the wax ear plugs that were supplied for me and climbed into the pod.

The initial experience was nearly psychedelic. My body became weightless, my hair spread in every direction and I played with the buoyant relationship between the liquid and my limbs. I gathered up my nerve and I closed the lid. (If you do not want to close the lid, you can leave it open or close it most of the way and insert a provided stopper). Then I turned out the light and left the music playing softly. I could hear my heart beat and my own breathing calmed me. My arms would drift in awkward positions above my head so I experimented with resting them on my heart and my tummy. After a while I tried turning the music off. It was intensely quiet and serene. I decided I preferred the music on. I tried out the air pillow which is shaped like a pillow you might purchase at an airport. I didn't find the pillow helpful and quickly disregarded it. When the jets turned on, I knew it was time for me to exit the pod and shower the excessive amount of salt off of my body.

The shampoo and body wash provided smell amazing. I also used the provided coconut oil all over my face and body before dressing and exiting the room. The same sales associate was waiting for me with a glass of chilled water. I sat and drank my water in the relaxation room and just took the entire space in. It has a really great vibe. I love the murals and the overall sense of calm. I took note of their specials prior to leaving. If you go for a late night float, you can really save!

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[click here] to see the website for LIQUID float spa.

The experience, ambiance and the way I felt when I left were all positive. My body felt lose, my joints felt less stress and pressure. I had a bridal show the day before this float. Most of you know that my bridal shows require hours of heavy lifting and distance carrying of supplies combined with hours of standing. I am normally a little sore from a show for the following week but I felt completely back to normal following my float. If you are looking for an alternative to message or new way to meditate, this might be for you! I am certainly going to float again and I am looking forward to the long term benefits!

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