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6 Tips for amazing pics on your Big Day!

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" - Alexander Graham Bell. Your Big Day is fast approaching and I know you want to be as prepared as possible. To help, I have put together 6 tips for amazing pictures on your Big Day!


It is trendy to have some portraits where you do not have huge smiles but it is easy to look unhappy when you are not smiling with your mouth. Instead, smile with your eyes... smize. Portrait Photographer Peter Hurley coined the phrase "squinch" to describe this action to his clients. You will lift your lower lid slightly to mirror the look your eyes would have in a natural, Duchenne smile.


Some of my all time favorite images are the result of a real laugh. You don't have to be around anything truly funny. You can simply force a "Ha-Ha!" and then do it again. If you and the others in the pose are doing this, it will only take seconds for you to be laughing wholeheartedly resulting in amazing shots!



This one is simple, the better your posture the thinner you will look. I imagine a string pulling my head up straight, shoulders back, belly button through your spine, and chest forward. This doesn't mean you have to look stiff either, remember to let tension out of your neck, shoulders and jaw with a nice long breath.


The dreaded double chin can impact anyone, it is also avoidable. Elongate your neck by moving your head forward and slightly lift your chin upward. Keep it loose and breezy, you've got this!


You put so much effort, energy, and money into perfecting parts of your wedding day, help you photographer by being mindful of your surroundings. I love the bridal suite candid moments but it can take away from the beauty when there are brightly colored under garments and fast food containers in the background of your "getting ready" pictures. It helps if you pick a corner of your bridal suite keep your items corralled. Bring a nice hanger for your beautiful dress and not the store's plastic hanger. When you walk down the isle, keep the bouquet down (Think Belly Button) and pass these tips on to your bridesmaids!

6. EYE on the PRIZE

There is a bunch of pressure on your wedding day. You and many of your support team have invested time and money into making the day special. I get it. That is important. What is more important is that at the end of the day you will be married. The Wedding is just one day. Your Marriage is forever and that is beautiful. Archers aim for the bulls-eye so that they will hit the target. You have a plan so that your day has a direction but understand that it will flex and be okay with that. The day will go by quickly and I want you to enjoy it. I want your portraits to capture your radiance so don't let minute details upset you. Let it roll off of you like water off of a ducks back because you are truly fortunate. You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and they return that desire. That. Is. Amazing.

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