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Eggroll Express

Think of your go-to restaurant. The one you try not to visit all of the time but end up visiting once a week. The staff might know your name or have your "usual" order on file. That restaurant for my family is Eggroll Express - 6301 W Parmer Ln #202, Austin, TX 78729.

This family owned business is run by my dear friend Mike and his wife Lin. They have a wonderful management team and their food is extraordinary. Mike has traveled the world studying the art of cooking and his dishes reflect his experiences. I have tried every single dish on the menu and I would gladly eat every single dish again.

We always order shrimp egg-rolls because they are our absolute favorites. The beef used is tender and I have never tasted better teriyaki beef sticks. The ribs are delicious. We normally share won ton soup, because the broth is darker than average and results in an extremely hearty flavor.

It was an honor to be commissioned to photograph my favorite dishes at my favorite restaurant. Come in and enjoy the ambiance created by the hand crafted solid wood lobby that was installed by Mike and his team. You will love your meal!

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