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About the Women's March 2017

Over the course of my life, I have typically taken an embarrassingly small role in all things political. This has changed for me and like most people, I want to be a part of the good that is to come. With my camera in hand, on January 21, 2017, I set out to document what I felt would be an important display of honesty in Austin, TX. It was.

I have seen criticism on social media about what the Women's March was for and why certain people didn't want to participate. It is totally fine to not participate and I I understand that you might not get it. This was an all inclusive March. It wasn't for just one set of like minded people. It was a way to peacefully express yourself and get your voice heard. One of my favorite moments was when a derogatory chant involving the word 'cheeto' started to rise, a louder chant over powered it stating "WHEN THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH". Do not lose sight of the point for a chance to get a dig in. When that happens, the goal is not achieved and often takes a few steps backward. This gives those who do not understand, fuel. Fuel to argue that what you are doing isn't right. We need to be stronger than that. It is important to stay focused and positive and I saw a lot of that on Saturday.

"Men of Quality support gender EQUALITY" - "My Voice will not be Silenced!" -"Education not deportation" - "Femme not Frail" - "My Rights are Human Rights!' - "America for Everyone!" ... These statements are difficult for me to find a fundamental argument against.

I spoke to one woman who said, "one day in the future, you will be so proud that you were here today and stood tall for what is right". Another awesome quote from the day came from man who stated, "History has proven time and time again that if you stand against civil rights, then you stand on the wrong side of history". Wow. Take that in.

I just do not see how you can argue with the bottom line here. Not intellectually, anyway. Things are going to change and we will need to stand together to support gender equality.

SAFE has a special place in my heart and I value the information in this article. [Click here] to read about the stance of SAFE and the proposed budget cuts to violence against women act funds. It is important to understand that without these funds we will move backward. It isn't probable, it is certain.

I saw a woman carrying a sign that said "I had ovarian cancer and planned parenthood saved my life". That is powerful. Saved her life. This isn't a bunch of ladies getting together and complaining about insignificant things. This runs as deep as life and death. It isn't okay to threaten to take away a womans right to choose when to have children, or to be a part of the workforce, etc. Roe Vs Wade must be upheld. Integrity is vital to success and if we support each other we will go far in this lifetime. I invite the supporters and attendees to utilize these images to further their reach.

Please reach out to me if you would like use of any of the images in the spirit they were intended to be used. Stand tall. You will be proud one day in the future that you did.

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