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2017 Goals and Plans

I love photography but it isn't my entire life. I have always said that the business exists to support the things I want to do in life. It is easy to dream but to turn dreams into a reality is a different level of focus which requires some intentional planning.

NOTE : Setting aside time for intentional goal planning is something I highly recommend. If you need any help getting started, let me know!

My personal goals really could be their own blog post but I"ll provide a little sneak peak to those here.


Word for the year – Trust. Trust in my abilities and intuition. Trust my planning and prepping process. Trust my loved ones (even when it’s hard) and do not micromanage them in any way. 2017 will be the year that I accept what comes without adding to my own stress. 2017 will be a year of deep personal growth, strong friendships and love. I can have all of these things if I give the benefit of the doubt freely, trust those who love me and open myself to possibilities.

Finances : I will take more ownership over where my money goes. I'm going to switch to the envelope system [Click Here] and aggressively tackle any leftover debt. I will build up my emergency fund, evaluate my giving and give more, and work toward to a special holiday for Chris and I.

Health & Wellness : Keep tracking using my Weight Watchers app (ya'll - I totally lost 8 lbs in January!). Continue yoga 3 times a week and continue to challenge myself by weightlifting and running 2-4 times per week. I'm going to be in bed by 10pm every night and I am going to turn off devices! It's important to say "I love you" without a phone glued to my face every night and morning.

Environment : Pick up the house every single night. Create a cleaning schedule to ensure things are getting done efficiently. Donate, donate, donate. Invite friends and family over for family dinner at least once a month.

Recreation : February girls retreat with all the besties in a beautiful lake house in the Texas Hill Country. April wedding in Houston spending the week with Jacqui and Jordan - two of my favorite people on this planet - and squeeze in some maternity pictures of Mrs. Mollie Holt Kelly while in HTown. Plan a visit to Illinois for Chris to meet the rest of the extended family. Set monthly dates with Margo so we always have a date to look forward to. Set aside something special and recreational just for Chris and I.

Family and Love : I will be more present in the moments we are together. I will not take my family or Chris for granted. There will be less work on days off. I want to plan less on the weekends so I can do what I am able to, to slow life down and enjoy my time with my loved ones.

2016 was an impressive year. I went through a roller coaster of emotions and I walked through several life changes with Chris. We were in our first year living in Austin and, my photography business really took off while Chris’ work became increasingly more intense. Though most of our energy was celebratory, we also experienced two deaths in 2016 that required us to slow down and catch our breath. I am fortunate to have Chris’ hand to hold in moments of uncertainty as well as moments of joy. We are both committed to our future together and we have set goals to help ensure it is as fruitful as possible. With that in mind, I put together my business goals for 2017.


Word for the year— SIMPLIFY. Make simple changes to my workflow and work-life balance that have BIG impact. Evaluate every part of my workflow and see where I can cut the fluff and simplify my systems. Add tools where necessary, get rid of unnecessary tools/software/steps that add stress or cost, but don’t add value.

SIMPLE & SMART business : Don’t do anything just because everyone else is doing it. Savvy business is all about being SMART with resources instead of following the crowd.

Self-education / Smart Growth : Write out workflow systems and cut the fluff. Stay relevant and read business and leadership books. Outsource as much as possible. Write out everything I do and assign a dollar value to each task, and only do the high dollar items.

Fight Comparison : Define what success is for myself. Write positive and true encouragements for myself and others. Set strict social media schedules and stick to them.

More Efficient Work Environment : De-clutter home office and get rid of excess. Re-organize. Get second standing desk.

Strategic Marketing : Continue to update website, bog, Instagram and Facebook to better communicate what I am all about. Make certain the interface is easier for clients.

Workshops and Educational Opportunities : Teach two video workshops this year. Speak at one conference this fall. Open up one on one mentoring dates. Develop a coaching curriculum and test on three unique clients. Develop educational resources for small business creatives in addition to photographers. Create a focus group to beta test materials.

I have a tendency to muddle anxiety and uncertainty with excitement and confidence. When I feel myself getting weighted down, I often just need to put a plan in place and refocus. I entered January feeling anxiety because of the large plans I have for 2017 but I am entering February feeling grounded and prepared. I’ve started business plans for additional streams of income and I have support from the people I trust and am ready to simplify my life so I can be present for more of it.

I love photography because I love capturing a moment in time. I want to capture your memories for you because they only happen once.

I’m ready 2017, let’s do this!

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